Leading Parent Partnership Award (LPPA)


We re-gained a Leading Parent Partnership Award in October 2015.

The LPPA Programme in special schools focuses on the support of individual parents and small groups. The support provided by special schools can be a real lifeline for parents and carers.

To support parents’ own learning and development we offer a number of free courses over the year.

Quotes From The October 2015 Assessment Report:

‘There is strong evidence to show that:

‘Provision for parents with an ethos of supporting and involving parents continues to be embedded in school practice.’

‘The head teacher and her school team demonstrate commitment and enthusiasm in developing parental engagement to support positive outcomes for their pupils.’

‘Parents and staff value that staff are accessible for parents and that individual needs of children and families are met.’

‘Communication with parents has been extended and improved, particularly through the new website and having the Parent Liaison as first contact point for parents.’

Comments From Parents From June 2015 Survey:

‘Feedback and communication is very good and we are very satisfied’

‘Always receive good support’

‘Being easily accessible. Friendly, happy reception when we go into school. Staff are very helpful and understanding’

‘Effective communication. Warm, personal relationships’

‘Having a specific parent liaison is very helpful as a point of contact’

‘I couldn’t think of anything that school could do better’

‘I especially like the texting service that school provides’

‘Absolutely everything fantastic about Broadfield…there’s nothing to fault. Brilliant communication’

‘Any problems I know Joyce is at the end of the phone. Communication, friendly, supportive, understanding’

‘I guess I always know where I am with things to do with school and always have a good relationship with staff and they are always at hand for me or with anything I might need’

‘The school are always on top with any problems no matter what’

‘Excellent communication’

‘School always communicates well with parents/carers keeping us well informed by letters, text and telephone. Regular parent’s group meetings and outings are very enjoyable’

‘School listens and helps if any problems. It feels like one big family!’

‘Always have lots of information available and regularly send information home’

Very organised, good communication and approachable’