School Elections

Wednesday 27th September was Election Day at Broadfield. The students had to vote in their class representatives, president and vice president of the Student Council.
On the morning of the elections, one by one, the pupils entered the school library, now converted into a polling station, complete with a table for the election staff, a waiting area, a polling booth and a ballot box.
The students came equipped with the ID card they had previously made in class. Their names had to be checked against a list, and their ID had to be stamped at the time of their vote. At the table of the election staff they received slips for the candidates. Then they waited their turn before being escorted to the voting booth, where they could make their choice in the utmost privacy. In case of need, our Head Boy and Girl were standing by to help.
When all the votes have been counted, Cain and Sabah will declare the winners. The student council will assume their term of office, meeting once a month to decide on important things like the celebration of holidays and many other matters of concern to the students. In the beginning they will be helped by teachers and teaching assistants.


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